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Windows Partition Recovery

Windows Partition RecoveryWindows Data Recovery Software is immensely useful to recover all your lost data from any FAT, NTFS or exFAT file system based deleted Windows partition.

*Recover completed data from a lost, formatted or deleted partition.
*Restore lost files from corrupt or damaged optical media
*Raw recovery to retrieve any specified type of files from hard driver
*Boot CD to recover lost data from unbootable systems
*Cloning & Imaging of media with bad sectors
*Undelete database like Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access etc.

Windows Partition Recovery Download Stellar Phoenix Windows Partition Recovery

Key functions of Windows Partition Recovery

Optical media recovery
Retrieve lost files from corrupted or damaged optical media including CD/DVD, CD ROM, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-RW and Blu-ray disc.

Formatted partition recovery
Recover all your important lost data due to the formatting of the partition in case of severe corruption or any similar reasons.

Deleted Partition recovery
Rescue all you lost data from any FAT, NTFS or exFAT file system based deleted Windows Partition owing to severe virus infection, file system corruption or such similar unresolved problems.

Raw Recovery
Retrieve data of any specific file type from your hard drive, any individual volume, or USB drive by selecting the file types you want to recover for immediate access of your most important files.

Deleted database Recovery
Restore lost/deleted important data and objects stored on database like Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access etc with the original structure absolutely intact.

Deleted File Recovery
Recover all deleted MS Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, BKF, ZIP files from hard drive with “quick scan” or “deep scan” methods.

Advanced Photo Recovery
Retrieve your lost, formatted, or deleted photos from hard drives, USB drives, and memory cards. The supported photo file formats including JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG, etc.

Search lost volume
Search and recover data from accidentally deleted volumes of a hard disk.

Enhanced view options of scanned files
Three different ways “Classical Tree”, “File Type List” and “Filtered Tree” to sort the scanned list of items. “Classical Tree” lists files with their original hierarchy in the form of Windows directory structure, “File Type List” display files based on the file types, and the “Filtered Tree” enables you to specify a file mask to narrow down the scan results.

Signature based recovery
Scan and recover all the files with their specular signature that uniquely identifies it to avoid wasting your time to scan each file of entire disk/volume one by one.


Windows Partition Recovery

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