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How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 Internal Memory?

1.Retrieve data from Galaxy S3 internal memory
My friend’s Galaxy S3 died during the week. Unfortunately she had a load of pictures stored in the internal memory that were not backed up. These pictures has sentimental value and she would be keen to get them back.
Recover deleted photos in Galaxy S3
Hello, I deleted all my photos on accident. I have been trying to get it into a USB Mass Storage mode but have been unsuccessful. I believe the photos I took went into my phone’s internal memory. Is there any way to recover them? All photo Recovery program I know requires it to be in USB Mass Storage mode. The software I found only mounts the external SD card as a UMS but it did not work with my internal memory.

Data Recovery tools usually need an actual mounted drive in order to dig deep and unearth these deleted/lost files. The program is that Internal Memory does not mount as a drive like external memory does. The Internal Memory of Samsung’s newest flagship models like Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 mounts are MTP/PTP which is not treated as a mounted drive and therefore can not be recognized and scanned by these common data recovery tools.

There is solution to recover deleted photos from Galaxy S3 S4 Internal Memory, but the process is very complicated.
Backup the entire memory partition to your computer as a single, massive .RAW file.
Convert the .RAW file output to a VHD and mount the VHD as a disk in Disk Manager
Scan the attached VHD volume for files that has been lost and recovery them

Requirements for this recovery method
A rooted Android phone
BusyBox installed on your device
Cygin installed to [c:\cygin] with pv and util-linux from the repo. Make sure to open Cygwin once to make sure that the /bin folder is created. Also, make a folder at [c:\cygwin\nexus] to put the exported .RAW file.
Netcat (download the ZIP file and extract nc. exe to [c:\cygwin\bin]
ADB (make sure adb.exe file in your path)
USB Debugging enabled on your device
VHD tool from the mighty M$. Put the VhdTool.exe file in [c:\cygwin\nexus]
Piriform Recuva or your favorite data recovery tool (it appears Recuva only finds the more common file types like images, video, etc.)

For detailed recovery steps please visit: Internal Memory Data Recovery.

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