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Recover deleted/formatted photos from LG Optimus C, V, U, M, T, S

Touting advanced features and user-friendly simplicity, alongside the brilliant Android? operating system and Google? app functionality, Optimus LG phones are set with everything you need to navigate through your daily life.

LG Optimus Photo recovery problems: I have an LG Optimus that I’ve had for a while. Last night my friend accidentally deleted all of my photo’s and some of the pictures were extremely important. Is there anyway to do a recovery of the phone and get my pictures back? I need the pictures, it’s very important.

The LG Optimus Phone use a MicroSD cards to store all its media files including Photos, music, video. When a Photo is deleted from the MicroSD cards, the file doesn’t disappear forever. Indeed, the space which the deleted photos occupied on the card is marked as available for new files to overwrite. Therefore, as long as you don’t copy any new files to your MicroSD card, the recovery of the deleted or formatted photos is entirely possible.recover deleted/formatted photos from LG Optimus C/V/U/M/T/S

Then you can start the photo recovery process with a good Photo recovery tools. Obdoso Photo Retrieval is the recommendable Photo Recovery tools to recover deleted/formatted Photos from Android LG Optimus C/V/U/M/T/S. As a powerful file retrival tools, the program also helps you to recover Android LG Optimus deleted/formatted music, videos.

For Mac user, please download Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery for Mac to recover/retrieve your deleted/formatted Android LG Optimus photos on Mountain Lion.

Download Android LG Optimus photos Recovery for Mac

How to recover Android LG Optimus C/V/U/T/M/S deleted/formatted photos/pictures?

1.Set up Odboso Photo Retrieval on your computer.

2.Select the storage device to scan.
Select your Android LG Optimus which display as a “File-stor Gadget” in the program and then hit “Next” button.

Android LG Optimus Photo Recovery

3.Select the file types that you need to recover.
Here, you can select the “Common picture” file type to search and recover your LG Optimus lost photos. Then hit “Start Scan” to begin the scanning process.

Android LG Optimus Photo Recovery

4.Specify the photos to recover.
After the scanning process, all the recoverable photos/pictures will display as thumbnails on the main panel. Select the photos that your desire to recover, then hit “next” button.

Android LG Optimus Photo Recovery

5.Specify a location to store the recovered photos.

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