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Cannot read SD card, how to solve it?

Mobile phone users with SD cards often encounter some troubles, sometimes plug SD cards several times, but mobile phone can’t read them correctly. Where the problem lay? Maybe it is arose from below reasons.

1.SD card not clean

There is some dust or oil dirt on your SD card if you haven’t protected it carefully, which leads to read memory card not abnormally.
Judgement: Observe if it has dinginess or spot on the SD card metal area.
Resolution: Use cotton cloth, dip in a little alcohol or water, wipe the dirty area slightly. Reinsert the SD card when it dries.

2.Instable battery voltage

The good SD card has strict requirement for power, so if you bought non-original battery, it easily leads to read card not smoothly.
Judgement: If use non-original battery, the standby not good, it is probably the battery reason.
Resolution: Replace the original battery

3.Card slot was squeezed

For some ultrathin devices, the card slot was designed ingeniously, if you use some non-original battery and the thickness exceeds the requirement, it will make read SD card badly.
Judgement: Replace original battery.
Resolution: Use original battery.

4.Virus on SD card

For smartphone or digital camera, it can’t read the SD card if it was infected by virus.
Judgement: Read SD card with computer, scan it.
Resolution: Format SD card on computer or digital devices. You should adopt FAT format on computer, not FAT32 format.

5. Abnormal SD card format

The formatting method on mobile phone is different from on computer, so you should reformat SD card according to the illustration.

6. Damaged SD card

It is easy to judge. Plug your SD card into card reader, then connect to computer. Reading it without problem proves the SD is good.

7. Mobile phone problem

If your phone has problem and can’t read SD card, go to fix your phone.
Hope the above suggestions can help you correctly deal with the SD card read problems.

How to take good care of your SD card?

1.After using digital camera with SD card, you want to view and flip the pictures on computer, please copy the pictures to computer first, because if modify the pictures directly in the SD card, reinsert it to digital camera and preview the pictures, you won’t browse them. Your SD card will probably be paralysed after a large number of photos being revised, and needs to be formatted for normal usage.

2.If your SD card crack down when recording, probably the card has a hitch or the life expectancy comes to its end. You should transfer and save the SD card content with card reader, then reformat it. Some SD cards can be used normally after formatting, but you’d better do not use it again.

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