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How to recover data from crashed or formatted HFS, HFS+ Mac hard drives?

What is HFS?
HFS (abbreviated for Hierarchical File System) is the file system used for organizing files on a Macintosh hard disk. When the Mac hard disk is formatted, the hierarchical file system is used to create a directory that can expand as new files and folders are added to the disk. Since HFS is a Macintosh format, Windows computers cannot recognize HFS-formatted drives. Windows hard drives are typically formatted using WIN32 or NTFS file systems.

What is HFS+?
HFS+, or HFS Extended, is a updated file system by Apple with the release of Mac OS 8.1. It is designed to handle large hard disks, such as the 100GB+ hard disks that are common today. HFS+ allows for smaller clusters or block sizes, which reduces the minimum size each file must take up. This means disk space can be used much more efficiently on large hard disks. Mac OS X uses the HFS+ format by default and also supports journaling, which makes it easier to recover data in case of a hard drive crash.

Mac HFS Data Recovery Software
HFS Data Recovery for Mac has the ability to recover data from corrupted or formatted HFS, HFS+ hard drive. Maybe your Mac hard drive is crashed, and a lot of important data on that hard drive needs to be recovered, don’t worry, Data Recovery for Mac will be the perfect solution to recover lost files from damaged HFS, HFS+ partition, including photos, videos, audio files, and documents. Free to try the software, and recover deleted files from Mac hard drive, USB drive, memory card, iPod and optical media.

How to recover data from formatted drive?

Step 1: Launch Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Mac Software.
Step 2: Click ‘Formatted Media/Lost File Recovery’ icon.
Step 3: The list of all Logical volumes will appear. Select the one from which you need to recover the data. Then click ‘Continue’.

Recover data from crashed or formatted HFS, HFS+ Mac hard drives

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