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The solutions to data loss

Data loss could be a common problem when you use a computer, digital camera, smartphone, tablet, USB flash drive, memory card, or other storage devices. Knowing the most common causes of data loss can help you to prevent and avoid it in the future. Here we list 5 types of data loss and how to deal with when the data lost or damaged.


Hardware or System Malfunctions (44%)

The computer or storage device failure will lead to data loss, such as it occurs error message saying that your device is not recognized, your preciously accessible data suddenly disappears, or computer hard drive doesn’t function. You’d better protect electrical components by using computers and digital devices in a dry, shaded, dust-free area.

Human Error (32%)

Can’t access data due to deletion or drive format? Do you get a message similar to “File Not Found”? Accidental deletion is one of the most common reasons for data loss. File Recovery can recover files in this type of data loss as long as the user is prepared ahead of time and acts quickly to recover their data.

Software Corruption (14%)

If software becomes damaged, the operating system is unable to recognize or access the hard drive. The best defense is always insuring that you have a proper backup of your important data.

Virus Infection (7%)

Viruses and malware can lead to data loss either through purposely deleting files and drives or through hard drive crashes. You’d better install virus protection software and update it duly.

Natural Disasters (3%)

Lightning strikes, power surges, flood, fire and earthquakes cause physical damage to hard drives and more. Protect your data by having a quality surge protector connected to your computer devices and store backup copies of your most important data off-site at another location or with an online backup service to make sure it’s safe in the event of disaster.

Data loss due to intention or unintentional file deletion, drive format, you can download file recovery to retrieve lost data from computer hard drive, usb flash drive, mobile phones, memory card, digital camera & camcorder, etc. Both Windows and Mac OS X versions are available, free to try it.

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