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  • The solutions to data loss

    Data loss could be a common problem when you use a computer, digital camera, smartphone, tablet, USB flash drive, memory card, or other storage devices. Knowing the most common causes of data loss can help you to prevent and avoid it in the future. Here we list 5 types of data loss and how to deal with when the data …

  • Portable Hard Disk Data Recovery, recover deleted data from portable hard drive

    Portable hard drives provide a fast and convenient way to store, backup and transport your content at interface speeds up to 480 Mbps for USB 2.0, 5 Gbps for USB 3.0 portable hard drives and 10 Gbps for Thunderbolt portable drives. They are presently the only way to securely store large amounts of personal data without having to fret about …

  • How to recover data from crashed or formatted HFS, HFS+ Mac hard drives?

    What is HFS? HFS (abbreviated for Hierarchical File System) is the file system used for organizing files on a Macintosh hard disk. When the Mac hard disk is formatted, the hierarchical file system is used to create a directory that can expand as new files and folders are added to the disk. Since HFS is a Macintosh format, Windows computers …

  • Hard drive file recovery, recover lost files from computer hard drive

    Hard drive file recovery is able to retrieve lost files even the hard drive partition is corrupt or the drive is detected by the PC hardware but not recognized by Windows or Mac. The professional software can help get back your precious data lost due to deletion, formatting or any similar reasons. Besides hard drive, Hard drive file recovery is …

  • Recover, retrieve, restore deleted files folders from Recycle, Trash Bin

    Windows allocates one Recycle Bin for each partition or hard disk. If your hard disk is partitioned, or if you have more than one hard disk in your computer, you can specify a different size for each Recycle Bin. The Recycle Bin keeps some files that have been deleted via the Explorer graphical interface. Files deleted via the Command Prompt …

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