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Olympus Pen Series Photo Recovery, recover deleted, lost RAW & JPEG from Olympus Pen

The Pen series is a family of half-frame cameras made by Olympus. These cameras featured a simple rear-winding mechanism, a D-Zuiko lens for superior photographic quality, and an attractive design that also made the camera extremely easy to use. The pen was a compact mix of innovative ideas that triggered the half-frame camera boom of the 1960s and 1970s. The highly original concepts embodied in the Pen Series would eventually lead to the creation of the legendary Pen F Series half-frame single-lens system.

History of Pen Series cameras range:
Olympus Pen: The first-generation Olympus Pen camera which combines the superb photographic performance of the D-Zuiko lens with excellent portability.
Olympus PenEE: The PenEE features included fixed focus, a shutter speed of 1/60 sec and an automatic exposure adjustment to take beautiful photographs at high efficiency.
Olympus PenEES: The world’s first camera with a programmable EE shutter. The shutter speeds are 1/30 and 1/250 sec and can change automatically according to light level to increase the appropriate exposure.
Olympus PenD: A top model in the Olympus Pen range with many professional features such as high-performance F1.9 large-aperture lens, a high speed 1/500 sec. shutter and a built-in exposure meter that allowed direct reading of the LV.
Olympus PenEM: The Pen EM went on sale with three new features: an electronic shutter, automatic film advance and automatic rewind which had a major influence on the future of electronic technology and automation in cameras.
Olympus PenF: The world’s first and only half-frame system single-lens reflex camera which featured a porro-prism finder and was the first to have a rotary titanium shutter. The camera could be used with a highly versatile range of 20 exchangeable lenses.
Olympus PenFT: The PenFT distinguished it from the Pen F with a built-in TTL exposure matter and many other enhancements including a single-action film advance system and a built-in self-timer.

Latest popular camera models from Pen series family:
Olympus Pen: E-P5, E-P3
Olympus Pen Lite: E-PL5, E-PL3
Olympus Pen Mini: E-PM2, E-PM1

Olympus Pen Series cameras support parallel recording of RAW & JPEG, if you accidentally deleted/lost photos recorded with your Olympus Pen Series camera, you can download Photo Retrieval to perform a through scan of your camera storage media to find, locate and recover raw ORF & JPEG photos from Olympus Pen series cameras.

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Olympus Pen Series Photo Recovery, recover deleted/lost RAW & JPEG from Olympus Pen

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